Update Motherboard BIOS  

To avoid the risk of systems failures, it is NOT recommended to update new BIOS if there is no problem with current BIOS version you are using. Unless the new version contains an improvement you need.
If you need to update BIOS, please proceed with care to avoid system damage due to improper operation.

Please refer to the following important reminders before updating BIOS:

1. There may be a risk of not being able to boot the system after you update BIOS, so make sure to back up your data first.
2. Please double check whether the downloaded BIOS file fits your exact motherboard model. Even a slightly different revision of the same motherboard could cause the system unbootable.
3. Please DO NOT shut down, touch keyboard/mouse, or unplug any USB device while updating the BIOS, your computer could become “bricked” and unable to boot.
4. If your BIOS update procedure fails and the system behaves erratically, please contact us for RMA.

Update BIOS Steps  

Download Link 1:     Update BIOS Steps English Version

Download Link 2:     Update BIOS Steps English Version

SPI ROM Programmer SOP

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Download Link 2:     SPI ROM Programmer SOP English Version

DreamPro3 Installation Instructions

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