Jetway MI23 Series mainboard & HBJC153I23 Series rackmount system, a perfect networking application solutions providing Ultra-Reliable Communication

Taipei, Taiwan, July 25, 2023 – Jetway, a world-leading Industrial PC (IPC) manufacturer, is pleased to announce the launch of the MI23 Series Mini-ITX mainboard and the HBJC153I23 Series rackmount system, with TPM2.0 as an optional choice. They are revolutionary mainboard and rackmount system powered by Intel® 12th/13th Gen. Core processors. Featuring massive Intel® 2.5GbE controller, the MI23 Series mainboard and HBJC153I23 Series rackmount system allow business to connect multiple devices to a LAN with convenience and cost-saving benefits.

The MI23 series and HBJC153I23 series support two DDR5 SO-DIMM RAM. With perfect network connectivity and excellent data processing capability, they are the idea solution for next gen IoT, Firewall, Router, and High Performance Networking Applications.

The MI23 Series mainboard – Net-working through a marvelous mainboard

The MI23 Series mainboard is embedded with an LGA1700 socket to support Intel® 12th/13th Gen. Core processors. Featuring the integrated Intel® 2.5 GbE controller, the full MI23 Series support advanced Teaming functionality, providing an increased bandwidth through aggregating multiple LAN ports into a single virtual interface, offering an enhanced networking experience for business. The MI23 Series mainboard is perfectly designed specifically for networking appliance, with 3 different models.


The H610X model is powered by the Intel®H610E chipset, featuring six Intel® i225-V 2.5 GbE ports for network connectivity. It offers one M.2 E- key slot supporting WIFI CNVi and one M.2 B- key slot supporting 4G/LTE cellular, providing flexible networking configurations.

MI23-R680X / MI23-Q670X

The R680X model powered by Intel®R680E chipset and Q670X model powered by Intel®Q670E chipset feature eight 10/100/1000/2500 Base-TX Ethernet ports, including one Intel® i225-LM 2.5 GbE port and seven Intel® i225-V 2.5 GbE ports, ensuring reliable network communication applications. Furthermore, both models offer one M.2 E-key slot supporting WIFI CNVi, one M.2 B-key slot supporting 4G/LTE cellular, and two PCIe Gen.4 x4 slot for storage, enabling flexible network configurations. For industries where data corruption is intolerable such as Servers and Data Center, The MI23-R680X supports ECC memory.

Easy BIOS Recovery

The MI23 Series supports the JetBIOS Backup and Recovery Tool, which can easily recover the BIOS back to factory default if it becomes “bricked”.

Difference of Intel® R680X, Q670X, and H610X:

The HBJC153I23 Series – Enhancing connectivity with this cutting-edge rackmount system.

The HBJC153I23 Series is a rackmount system designed to enhance connectivity for corporate systems. Embedded with the innovative MI23 series mainboard, powered by Intel® 12th Gen processors and Intel® Q670E chipset, it guarantees efficient operations and robust computing capabilities. There are three models for HBJC153I23 series:


Featuring seven Intel® i225-V 2.5 GbE ports and one Intel® i225-LM 2.5GbE port, the default model offers reliable networking connectivity. It provides a solid foundation for businesses seeking high efficiency and reliable networking solutions.

HBJC153I23-Q670G4 – Maximizing connectivity with more LAN ports

With 4 * PCIe expansion LAN card, the Q670G4 model supports up to twelve Lan ports, allowing businesses to achieve super high-speed networking and maximize the connectivity.

HBJC153I23-Q670B4 – Bypassing the risk of disconnection

The ultra-reliable communication make the HBJC153I23 series works for various networking applications, however, cybersecurity has become the foremost concern nowadays. Equipped with 4 * PCIe Bypass LAN ports, the functionality ensures uninterrupted network connectivity in the event of power failure or system malfunction, providing outstanding reliability performance for different threats from the Internet. It is an ideal solution for corporate cybersecurity systems.




MI23-R680X & MI23-Q670X


MI23The MI23 motherboard and barebones series are available now!

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