Jetway Introduces Onboard eMMC Multi-storage Design for Embedded Motherboards and Systems

Taipei, Taiwan, November 18, 2019, – Jetway, a world-leading Industrial PC (IPC) manufacturer, introduces new motherboard and barebone series come with an eMMC in its specifications. By using Samsung eMMC solution, it allows easy integration with existing storage interfaces and Jetway’s high flexibility for custom built system. This leads to faster product deployment, and also features multi-storage options.

Jetway Onboard eMMC Highlights:
– High performance, low cost
– Higher Read/Write performance up to 330MB/s read, 100MB/s write, compare to traditional HDD
– High Endurance (Program/Erase Cycles)
– eMMC operating environment: -25° C ~ 85° C, actual operating temperature please refer to the system specification
– Fast OS Boot and can be used as a system drive, please refer to chipset support specification

The 32GB eMMC equipped on Jetway board is 28.9GB in actual available size. After endurance testing, it comes up with more than 10,000 P/E cycles, a lot more than 3,000 P/E cycles from MLC. We assume total number of writes in a day as follows:

Based on the eMMC write/erase formulas below for lifespan, we come up with 792 years for Home Computer when the total number of writes in a day less than 1GB.

eMMC Lifespan (Years) = [(Actual size / Total amount of daily write workload) x P/E cycles] / 365

For example:

Home: 791.781 (Years) = [(28.9 GB / 1 GB) x 10,000] / 365

Commercial: 79.1781 (Years) = [(28.9 GB / 10 GB) x 10,000] / 365

The total amount of daily read/write from booting an OS is extremely small (less than 10MB), which means lower risk of affecting lifespan. Meanwhile, eMMC OS Boot speed scores 38% faster than HDD speed. Therefore, the eMMC is strongly recommended for booting an OS that really benefits from the speed. Other storage option from Jetway motherboard can be used for long-term storage of files that don’t need to be accessed as quickly. That also leads to easier data management.

Jetway Onboard eMMC Models:
JNF695 / JNF931 / JNP891 / JNP793 / HBJC430U941-316B / HBJC130F533G4-04

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