Jetway Wide Temperature Fanless Computer Support -40 ~ +70°C

Taipei, Taiwan, February 26, 2020 – Jetway, a world-leading Industrial PC (IPC) manufacturer, is pleased to launch two Wide-Temperature systems: Fanless Barebone HBFCT95(W)-90B and HBJC386Z93(W)-00B series, which can operate in extreme environments as cold as -40°C and as hot as 70°C.

Jetway Wide-Temperature systems with Intel® ApolloLake-I and Intel® Baytrail J1900 processors which support wide-temperature are built to operate reliably in tough conditions and environments, such as high or low temperatures, and high-humidity environments. Heat-generating components such as inductance, capacitance and PWM from wide-voltage power supply, together with LAN chip, CODEC & Super I/O components, etc. are located on the same side with CPU, which is neatly close to a lid covered in specially-engineered ridges via conductor. With this design, heat can rapidly and effectively flow away from the heat source through the conductor ensure that the extreme environments do not inhibit system performance over time, enabling system wide applications in area that requires high stability.

In order to improve the efficiency of Wide Temperature Barebone, we recommend that other components must also support wide temperature, such as DRAM and storage devices.

HBFCT95(W)-90B and HBJC386Z93(W)-00B are capable of operating in more extreme environments than your standard office building, such as industrial automation, rain-shielded external machines, and any other extreme temperature environment.

HBFCT95(W)-90B Highlights:

– Supports Intel ®ApolloLake-I E3940 (9.5W) SoC processor
– Supports 1* DDR3L 1866 MHz SO DIMM slot up to 8GB
– Onboard 32GB eMMC, 1* M.2. M key 2242 (SATAIII) expansion interfaces and 1* SATA connection interface (6Gb/s) provides multiple storage connection choices
– Provides with 2* 10/100/1000 MHz Base Ethernet Ports, 2* HDMI1.4 outputs (Max Resolution: 3840×2160@ 30Hz), 1* COM (RJ45 type), 4* USB3.0
– Onboard 1* M.2 B key 3042(USB3.0) 3G/4G expansion slot with SIM slot, 1* M.2 E key 2230 (PCIe x1/USB2.0) WIFI/BT expansion slot for the communication connection purpose

HBJC386Z93(W)-00B Highlights:

– Supports Intel® Baytrail J1900(10W) SoC processor
– Supports 1* DDR3L 1333 MHz SO DIMM slot up to 8GB
– Onboard 1* M.2 M key 2242/2280 (SATAII) expansion slot
– Provides with 2* 10/100/1000 MHz Base Ethernet Ports, 1* HDMI (Max. Resolution: 1920*1200@60Hz) ports, 1* DVI-I (Max. Resolution: 1920×1200@60Hz) port, 4* COM DB9 expansion ports, 1* 8-bit industrial GPIO header and 6* USB(2* USB3.0/4* USB2.0) expansion interface
– Onboard 1* M.2 B key 3042 (USB3.0) 3G/4G expansion slot and 1* M.2 E key 2230 (PCIe x1/USB2.0) WIFI/BT expansion slot

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